Why do I need antivirus and antimalware?

The average malware infection costs $3,000 per day to recover so don’t take chances!

In today’s modern business environment, almost every single company uses computers and has a network to send and receive information while staying connected around the clock. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be cybercriminals looking to attack businesses of any size or industry.

The name itself is a hybridization of the terms “software” and “malicious.” Basically, malware is an aggressive form of damaging software that infiltrates your computer system, causes damage, and jeopardizes your security.

How Do I Know if I Have Malware?

  • Persistent antivirus alerts
  • Outgoing email spam
  • Slow or sluggish browser and computer operation
  • Constant pop-up ads

At their worst (or best, depending on whose side you’re on!), the most effective malware programs can take over an entire system and manipulate the way it operates according to the malware’s intent. It can disseminate threats, compromise personal information, and even cause you to lose access to your entire system.

How IT Works

Next-gen antivirus software must be installed on all computers and servers on your network. It will use AI to detect suspicious activity in addition to scanning for known viruses.  This will ensure your business is protected at the grassroots level. Users are human, and prone to clicking on things they shouldn’t. Even the best antivirus platforms may let the odd unwanted email through.

Avoiding any type of malware infection should be a primary concern when it comes to your business’s IT security. A reliable and routinely updated antimalware program should be an IT security staple, along with the traditional antivirus and firewall software, and a high grade email spam filter. In addition to taking every precaution possible to stop malware from reaching your systems and network, make a point of educating your employees on the dangers these infections pose, and how to avoid inadvertently compromising your network.

There’s no such thing as too much prevention when it comes to malware. Tier One is here to help protect you and your business against even the most advanced threats. If you think your computer system may be infected by malware, or you’d like to stop it in its tracks, we are here to help.

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