Baltimore Legal IT ServicesTechnology has changed the way law firms function today. You can now use technology to quickly and efficiently obtain and share legal information to boost your firm’s overall productivity. But with the good, sometimes comes the bad, with:

  • IT Downtimes,
  • Security Breaches,
  • Software Malfunctions and
  • Risks to your clients’ proprietary or personal information.

The good news is that Tier One Technology Partners can help!

To ensure technology increases your firm’s efficiencies without compromising productivity or security, Tier One is now offering a Legal Support Desk. Through it we help to ensure:

  • Your IT system stays up and running.
  • Your mobile devices remain secure.
  • Your practice management and billing solutions function optimally, and
  • You can confidently use cloud computing without revealing your clients’ private information.

Tier One Technology Partners’  Legal Support Desk specializes in providing IT support and service to law firms in the Baltimore/Washington Area, with:     

  • 24/7 live help desk support.
  • A single source for all your IT questions or issues.
  • Help over the telephone, via email, or online through our online portal.
  • Experts who are available to take care of any IT-related problem both remotely and onsite.
  • Follow up to ensure that your questions or issues are completely resolved.

The members of Tier One Technology Partners’ Legal Support Team have worked in law firms managing technology and performing IT training. They have extensive backgrounds in:

  • Systems Analysis
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Practice Management and Billing Applications
  • Security Solutions
  • User Support

Plus they have an in-depth understanding of law firm technology along with an unprecedented ability to resolve end-user issues for legal teams that other IT help desks can’t provide.

For experienced Legal Help Desk Support for your law firm in the Baltimore/Washington Area, call Tier One’s Legal Support Desk at (443) 589-1150 or email us at:  We’ll schedule a complimentary, no-obligation IT review with our Legal IT Support Team.