Tier One Technology Partners Stands Summer Guard Against Cyber Attacks – We are Here to Make Sure You Can Relax on Vacation!

Everyone loves summer… Taking time with the family, visiting someplace new, or just sitting on the back porch completely zoned out is what we love to do on these long summer days.  It’s what you ought to do! After all, you’ve earned your vacation time and the quiet of warm summer nights. But while you are relaxing, cyber criminals are doing everything they can to do damage to your business’ finances and reputation.

Summer Vacation

That’s right! Criminals don’t take summer vacations! They see summer as prime “hunting season” as they target businesses when their manpower is at its lowest ebb.

What to do?

Partner with Tier One Technology Partners!

Tier One Technology Partners cybersecurity professionals work tirelessly regardless of the season to keep your systems 100% secure. We work around the clock so that you can vacation worry free! Call (443) 589-1150 or email us: info@tieroneit.com.

During the summer months, cyber attacks soar. Fortunately for you, the Tier One Technology Partners team doesn’t give up and go on vacation when the wave of criminal activity reaches its peak. Our cybersecurity professionals guard your business’ IT 24/7 throughout the year so that you can take the relaxation time you deserve without the worries of summer vulnerability.

We enable a vacation free of I.T. worries and nasty surprises left by cyber criminals! How do we achieve this heroic feat?

  • We manage your anti-virus software and firewalls!
  • We install web-content filtering software to protect your business from potentially malware-ridden websites!
  • We encrypt all of your emails to protect you and your clients!
  • We back up vital data and applications in the cloud!
  • We review all IT security measures and policies to find any potential entry points for criminals!

Go ahead! Take your summer vacation! Peace of mind is what you deserve. We stand by to protect your business whether you are present or you are away.

Looking for an IT partner that looks out for you? Call us today at (443) 589-1150 or send us an email at info@tieroneit.com