IT Nation: it’s the annual three-day conference every service provider looks forward to! IT Nation is all about helping service providers stay ahead of the rapidly changing information technology needs of businesses of all types and sizes. On November 12th to 14th, Tier One Technology Partners attended IT Nation in Orlando, FL to learn about the latest best practices and industry trends, in order to better serve your business!

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David Shaffer, Founder & President at Tier One Technology Partners, led an insightful panel alongside Robert Kyslinger and Scott Spatz called “How to Market and Build Your Business-Grade File Sync Solution,” wherein he discussed the many benefits of eFolder for businesses throughout Maryland! So what can be learned from the panel? First and foremost, there’s a few key benefits YOUR business can achieve through the use of eFolder:

  1. Data accessibility without Internet access: While the cloud is fantastic, your employees must have Internet access to leverage cloud-services; however, eFolder allows your employees to access data, even if they’re not connected to the Internet.
  2. File-server enablement for smaller businesses: For businesses with under 25 employees, file-server enablement can be used to maintain a premise-based server internally – allowing for line of business applications or active directory to be used.
  3. Elimination of premise-based servers: For businesses with 5-20 users, a combination of eFolder + Hosted Exchange is a great way to eliminate premise-based servers, which means eliminating the maintenance and support costs that come along with those servers.
  4. A surprisingly high level of security: When compared to other file sharing services, such as DropBox, eFolder is surprisingly secure! In fact, we host the server in our own data center and no one outside of our staff accesses the server, which means it’s highly secure and offers peace of mind.
  5. Compliance with HIPAA regulations: The best part about eFolder is the customizability! For example, if a specific employee wants access to files, you’re able to allow certain flies to sync to their device at home, but not on their mobile device, therefore eliminating the risk of breaches.
  6. Sharing files outside of the organization: Any end-user on the eFolder platform can share files with external parties by setting up a link to the file, then setting a time for the link to expire for added security, in order to allow those outside of the organization to access information.

Ultimately, it all boils down to this: building a solution that works for each unique business while allowing employees to collaborate on projects and share important data with colleagues, clients, and external users.

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