Save time and money while gaining comprehensive data protection with hosted applications in the cloud.

Businesses are changing. We know that you’re not just getting work done form a PC inside your office anymore. With data storage on the rise, employees on the go, and IT evolving, you need solutions and support to help you keep up. With hosted desktops and servers, your office goes where you go. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you have instant and secure access to all of the data you need to get work done.

Office in the Cloud

Everything you use on an individual laptop or access from a server is instead consolidated into an easy-to-use online environment. Services are scalable to meet your unique needs, and we handle all of the backend maintenance. Finally, you get freedom and flexibility while reducing the costs of operating. It may sound too good to be true, but we promise – it’s easier than you think.

With hosted desktop and server solutions, you’ll see benefits throughout every facet of your business.

  • All of the applications you use on a daily basis are consolidated into a single simple environment online.
  • Your tasks are streamlined, applications functionality is improved, and security is tightened.
  • With hosted services you attain cloud-based access to your desktop applications through the Internet, meaning you gain the power to get work done on any device and regardless of your location. Collaboration improves and you have the freedom to access files from anywhere.
  • Your data is guarded against unauthorized access with customizable controls that include passwords, encryption, user authentication and a control panel that allows you to choose who can view what.

Get the best odds for success and make your life easier with hosted desktop and server solutions from Tier One Technology Partners.

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