As the Vice President of Tier One, I focus on advising our clients to grow their business through the use of technology. Over the past 20 plus years in this industry, I have seen technology and businesses endure many changes. With these changes come opportunities for our clients. What once might have been a business challenge can now be solved or minimized by applying the right technology solution.  I revel in the joy of riding that wave of change and helping to navigate a path for our clients!

My passion for technology started in the mid 80’s when my father bought our first family computer. I was completely hooked even though all I could do was type basic commands on a screen! This led me to seek out computer courses in high school and eventually earn a Computer Science degree in college. Sharing this passion for technology and business success with our team and helping them grow their experience as a business professional is truly one of the most rewarding contributions for me in our business.

In my personal life, I am blessed to have a supportive and beautiful wife and two wonderful children. In the evening and on weekends, we can be found “ubering” our son or daughter to practices or games, spending time with family/friends and contributing as much time as we can to our church and community. Our family and friends complete the picture for us at Tier One.

Let me know how we can help you and your business on your journey!


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