When you need an IT guru who talks to you in words you can understand, you call Tier One Technology Partners – at least, that’s our goal.

“Techspeak” tends to have a negative connotation for anyone in a non-technical role, because the words “motherboard” and “firewall” sound nothing like what they are or the function they perform. Finding a knowledgeable technical specialist who also specializes in communicating in ways that are easy to understand is not always easy to come by.

That’s why we snapped up Logan.

When Tier One Technology Partners began the search for a Centralized Services Tech, Logan seemed like a natural fit for the newest addition to the team, and from Logan’s point of view, the job description was just the beginning!

As a Centralized Services Tech, Logan responds to service tickets, but a key element of his daily to-do list includes monitoring all the data backup servers and really just making sure all the behind-the-scenes efforts keep trucking along. Proactivity and the ability to think ahead are just part of how Logan works to make sure nothing goes wrong before it has the chance to – in fact, that’s his favorite part of his job!

Logan joined Tier One Technology Partners in mid-September and absolutely loves everything about his job. He’ll tell you his colleagues are fantastic and knowledgeable, and he gets to come to work every day with a lot of awesome people.

One thing everyone at Tier One has learned is just how much Logan excels at customer service: speaking to clients, communicating effectively, and taking care of everyone he speaks to are just icing on the cake. Logan’s previous experience in customer service and management are strengths that have really shined in just a few weeks.

In case you’re curious, we’re not sure if Logan prefers Three Musketeers over Snickers bars, or turkey club or a hot ham & swiss sandwich, but if you spend a few minutes talking to Logan, chances are you’re going to find out about at least one of the seven musical instruments he plays.

Seven musical instruments.

Some guys will casually mention they like to strum a guitar in their free time, or are the winner every time in “American Idol” on their Xbox at home, but not Logan. He plays the sax, guitar, and bass, but also plays the drums and is a vocalist in a band.

You probably won’t be shocked to find he’s an ace on his skateboard, too.

What can’t Logan do?

We stopped asking!

Call Tier One Technology Partners today at (443) 589-1150 and you might catch him on the phone – if we hear him singing, we’ll know you found his secret talents here!