Make your upcoming move or expansion a simple process with Tier One Technology Partners help.

When you’re moving or expanding your business to a new location, dealing with the relocation of your I.T. can be a nightmare – tangled wires to disconnect, sensitive equipment to package, services to cut off and reactivate, and more. Why bother handling this tedious process on your own when you can trust Tier One Technology Partners to do it for you?

office moves

Need a hand with your upcoming move? Tier One Technology Partners has the necessary experience and expertise to ensure it’s a simple and effective process. Contact us at (443) 589-1150 or for more information about how we can assist your business.

We can simplify and streamline the whole process to eliminate downtime and quickly get your I.T. set up just how you like it. We know the ins and outs of the IT relocation process and can help to ensure a smooth transition and fresh start at your new location. As your partner in the relocation process, Tier One Technology Partners considers the following factors to guarantee a stress-free process:

  • Strategic and detailed planning to minimize downtime and avoid mishaps.
  • Properly disconnecting computers and other hardware.
  • Specialized move packaging to protect your valuable investments.
  • Hardware tagging to keep track of important assets.
  • Network and telecom cable installation.
  • Computer hardware and telephone cleaning.
  • Hardware reconnection and network script testing to ensure performance at your new location.
  • Service reactivation and vendor management to make sure the Internet and phones will be on when you move in.
  • Detailed audits of all items to keep accurate track of location at all times.
  • Proper deployment and implementation of both hardware and software at your new location.
  • Further support is always available from Tier One Technology Partners to ensure that your recently relocated and newly installed IT infrastructure continues to function optimally.

Moving is hard enough without having to consider your complicated, sensitive IT infrastructure. Tier One Technology Partners is here to help. Contact us at (443) 589-1150 or to discover how smooth your I.T. relocation can be.