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Modern organizations rely on extensive networks of workstations and mobile devices. Dependent on technology for communication, mobile devices are critical support equipment for daily operations, allowing teams to communicate and share information from anywhere in the world – literally!

Whether employing distributed workforces or simply supporting professional operations in a single local facility, mobile devices are a modern marvel in today’s professional environment.

Proper management and setup are critical for continued productivity – and security – with the widespread use of mobile devices by professionals today, including:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

When new users join the team, deploy a new device in minutes to boost efficiency and maintain consistency across devices with Mobile Device Management as an established process. Microsoft Office 365 includes a built-in tool for just this – Intune, available within the Azure portal – which helps organizations secure and manage mobile devices for users, including:

  • Ability to remotely wipe a device
    • Consider the scenarios from which you might greatly benefit from being able to remotely wipe a device, including:
      • What if a user loses a smartphone or device?
      • What if a user’s device is stolen?
      • What if a user’s phone is suddenly accessed by an unauthorized user (hacked)?
    • Sensitive data can be prevented from falling into unauthorized hands.
  • Access devices and device reports from within a centralized dashboard
    • Much like the ability to remotely wipe a device, device management can be accessed within the dashboard to simplify and expedite the process without compromising any step within.
  • App management
    • The portal allows administrators to publish apps that are company-approved and prevent users from downloading potentially dangerous apps to their device, compromising security for the company and its data.

Especially helpful for organizations subject to industry compliance regulations, Intune processes adhere to stringent security protocols and protect mobile devices – and the networks these devices access – increasing network security efforts.

From network access to email, organizations rely on a secure setup for mobile devices for continued productivity.

For assistance with Mobile Device Management setup, contact Tier One Technology Partners at (443) 589-1150 today and ensure your workforce has everything needed for 100% productivity!


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