From the birth of computers, business executives in the Baltimore/Washington Area have been trying to keep IT costs down while maintaining quality service for their customers.  With the increase in IT use and diversity of devices and programs, new support models have been adopted to help them do this.

Tier One Technology Partners prides ourselves on having kept up with this ever-changing IT environment. We’ve enabled businesses and organizations in the Baltimore/Washington Area set and reach the next level of IT success with innovative and reliable service and support.

We work on a continuum of progress to eliminate points of failure in IT systems, while reducing labor costs and improving client satisfaction.  Our goal is to shift support from the costly constraints of onsite IT support to a more cost-effective model of remote support that drives incident resolution closer to the source of the errors in a more timely fashion.

Tier One’s next level of service saves you time and money, while reducing IT problems and improving your productivity and efficiencies.  It:

  • Enables flexibility and agility to deliver consistent around-the-clock IT support.
  • Increases employee productivity by delivering faster problem resolution, as well as incident elimination or prevention.
  • Improves service quality while supporting an increasing number of complex and diverse technologies.
  • Drives continuous service improvement in a turbulent economic environment.
  • Fosters innovation that delivers measurable business value.

Tier One Technology Partners’ next level of technology services:

  • Results in improved employee productivity through the reduction of incidents, duration of incidents, and the need for onsite visits.
  • Lowers labor costs through a reduced number of calls to our service desk’s first level and, subsequently, the number escalated to the second or third levels of support.
  • Drives down incident and outage-related costs by adopting a prevention-based approach that leads to eliminating incidents completely.

Tier One Technology Partners takes your IT to the next level by working to prevent incidents altogether.  We do this with supporting technologies, processes and knowledge management systems that work together in tandem.  And we do this in a cost-effective way to save you money and time.

For more information about reaching the next level of technology support, call Tier One Technology Partners at (443) 589-1150 or email us at: