Our Brand FAQ

Jan 5, 2021

Our History

Founded in 1998, former CEO Dave Shaffer hired his first intern, Jim Kehres, our Maryland Managing Director, and the rest is history. Tier One Technology Partners has been around to see smartphones and the cloud change the way businesses view IT. Now it’s less of a necessary evil and more of an opportunity to improve worker efficiency, increase revenue, and gain an advantage over competitors.

Domain Computer Services started in 1997 — their CEO Rashaad Bajwa’s first project was connecting a law firm to the internet for the first time with a speed of 33 kilobytes per second. Now the average cellphone is around 600x the speed of that connection. If we’d kept moving in kilobytes, we wouldn’t be here today. We’ve built the business on finding the best technology solutions to keep our clients satisfied, safe and successful, no matter what year it is.

In 2012, Dave and Rashaad met at a technology peer group, now known as IT Nation Evolve. It wasn’t love at first sight, but they began a friendship founded on their mutual love of technology and care for their people. What began as a joke over beers led to the merging of their two companies to build a national MSP platform.

As we continued on this journey to become a national MSP platform, a name change became apparent. We need something that would show we are in this next stage together. After much research and deliberation, we agreed upon the name Domain Technology Partners as our brand going forward.

At Domain Technology Partners, we are people who understand where you’re coming from and what’s important to your business. Yes, our team is trained on the latest technologies and industry best practices, but more importantly, they spend just as much time perfecting their customer service delivery. As a matter of fact, as much as they love solving challenging problems, they love helping people even more.

Here’s What is Changing

Why are we making the change?
As you know, Domain Computer Services/Tier One merged in October 2020. After much deliberation and research, we decided a name change was necessary to show we are one company to our clients and to the marketplace. We have studied the synergies between our two names and the opportunities in the marketplace and decided upon Domain Technology Partners. We feel this particularly reflects the premium partnership that we strive to build with all of our clients in managing your technology.
When will the change take effect?
We will be publicly announcing our name change on January 11th, 2021.
Will our email addresses change?

NJ: No, our company email addresses will not change.
MD: Our tieroneit.com email addresses will continue to receive emails. Effective January 11th, 2021, when we reply to your emails, it will come from [first name][last initial]@go-domain.com instead of [first name][last initial]@tieroneit.com

How do I contact support now?

NJ: The ways you contact support will not change. You may still contact support using the customer portal, our phone number (609) 395-6900 ext. 5, and emailing support@go-domain.com.
MD: The ways you contact support will not change. You may still contact support through our phone number (443) 589-1150, and emailing support@tieroneit.com.

Will how I receive support change?
The people and the service delivery will not change. The same engineers who provide support to you now will continue to do so. The methods in which you receive support will not change either.
How will billing change?

NJ: Effective January 11th, 2021. You will see a name change on billing communications but the portal and email addresses will not change.
MD: Effective January 11th, 2021. You will see a name change on billing communication and
the email address will change.

Will who I talk to about billing change?
No, the people processing the billing at each location has not changed.
What will happen to the website?

You will be able to find the website for the new entity – Domain Technology Partners at https://go-domain.com. https://tieroneit.com will remain active through the end of March 2021 with a banner notifying visitors of the change. After March, the site will redirect to https://go-domain.com.

Who We Are

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to build a regional and then national provider of managed IT Services, with differentiation through vertical focus, operational excellence, and employee engagement and development. Our company partners with your team, providing you with smarter solutions, while putting people first. We strive to provide remarkable customer service.

Core Values

Espirit de Corps

We don’t just get along, we have each other’s backs. After all, we are in this together. We strive to create a workplace that inspires unity through commitment and collaboration. So when you partner with us, we honor your team, too. Your goals become our goals and we work alongside you to achieve them.

Get it done right

We take pride in our work that it exceeds expectations. We have integrity in the strength of our services, and empower our team to ensure we give our clients the best experience possible. And when things do go wrong, we do everything within our power to not just make it right, but make it better than it was before.

Own your part

We assume a ton of responsibility for our clients so every team member needs to own their part. That’s why we live by the numbers. Whether it’s CSAT, KPI, or ticket count, everybody’s got their number for which they are held responsible. We own IT so you don’t have to.

Love the details

A single checkbox can make or break us. To deliver a truly remarkable customer experience requires everyone pays attention to the details from sales to service desk. You can rest assured that we sweat the small stuff because we know it can make or break your business, too.

Put people first

Even though we’re a technology company, we know the work we do is for humans behind that technology so it’s important we don’t get wrapped up in the wires. We will walk a mile in your shoes to find out exactly what you need to use your technology.

Podcast | The Founder’s Story

Learn more about this exciting change in this podcast episode with Tier One Technology Partners Founder, Dave Shaffer! 
Ultimately, our business is about people. We are people partnering with people to provide technology that impacts business.

Baltimore Area Nonprofit IT Services Firm Helps Local Organization With All IT

“Technology plays a crucial role with all of our nonprofit clients,” says David Shaffer, President of Tier One Technology Partners. “Nonprofits are real businesses, just like any for-profit organization. They have a board they must report to, be accountable to members and donors and as their technology partner we understand our responsibility to ensure our nonprofit clients have technology systems they depend on.”