What is the most beneficial component of the Cloud?

Cloud Backup

Given its novelty, it may seem impulsive or even dangerous to entrust your sensitive data to the Cloud, but if configured correctly and with the proper security, Cloud services from Tier One Technology Partners can provide your company with an optimal backup solution. With your applications and data stored in the Cloud, you always have secure, easy access to backups of your essential resources.

Why Do You Need A Cloud Backup Solution?

Traditional Cloud solutions present a number of risks and issues for small to medium-sized businesses, including:

  • Traditional tape storage can’t keep up with the exorbitant amount of data used by companies today.
  • Conventional onsite storage is treated as a capital expenditure, whereas a Cloud solution is operational, a much easier expenditure to budget, gain approval for, and manage.
  • The costs associated with data loss are simply too great for most businesses to deal with, and often result in bankruptcy.

Ensure your workforce is never crippled by an emergency – talk to Tier One Technology Partners about Cloud Backup solutions and how they can protect your livelihood. Get in touch with us at info@tieroneit.com or (443) 589-1150 today. 

What Does Cloud Backup Offer Your Business?

  • A recent Redmond Magazine Report showed that 75% of surveyed businesses experience tape failure every year; the Cloud mitigates this risk by digitally storing your valuable data offsite.
  • Cloud storage is a perfect way to reduce your IT costs. Data can be backed up directly to the Cloud without the risk of data loss, which eliminates the costs and resources associated with on-premise data protection solutions.
  • Power outages, cyber attacks, hardware issues, and human error are all common occurrences – and when they stop you from getting work done, there are major effects; lost wages, diminished productivity, unhappy clients, and in some cases, legal issues. A Cloud Backup solution addresses each and everyone one of these possibilities.
  • With backups of your data and applications in the Cloud, you always have secure and easy access to everything you need to continue working and serving clients.

Get in touch with Tier One Technology Partners to learn why data backup solutions are essential to preserve your livelihood. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that absolutely everything is accounted for – reach out to us at info@tieroneit.com or (443) 589-1150 today.