Financial services, energy and healthcare are often industries sparked by cloud innovation. There are countless articles written about storage in the cloud, email, archiving, collaboration and unified communications but what about the benefits of cloud technologies to the supply chain?

Gartner, a leading research firm focused on Information Technology, shared some interesting information about how Supply Chain decision makers are jumping on the cloud bandwagon. There has been a 40% increase in 2012 over 2011 in cloud implementations in this critical sector of the economy. Gartner projects about 50% of the supply chain is now powered by the cloud.

What are the key technologies fuelling cloud adoption amongst those in the supply chain sector?

The supply chain sector relies on many different types of documents. Document management systems focus on secure storage and organization of documents to support active work in progress. This includes content creation and easy collaboration and sharing within an organization and its client base.

Another key technology used within the supply chain is cloud-based online meeting solutions. WebEx, Go To Meeting and Microsoft Live Meeting are among the leaders in online meeting software. Supply chain organizations can use cloud-based online meeting solutions to meet with staff members across multiple locations and also host sales meetings with clients and prospects.

Real time collection of data and collaboration amongst workgroups is made possible through cloud technologies. Our cloud specialists understand the importance of having a secure cloud solution in place that offers reliable tracking of information and also a foundation to perform many of the tasks the supply chain requires.

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