Start benefiting from flexibility, mobility, and the best return on your IT investment with innovative IT tools like VoIP Business Phones.

Communication is key – every day you’re dealing with clients, co-workers and third party vendors. As phone bills rise, are you starting to feel like you’re just not getting your moneys worth? With VoIP business phones from Tier One Technology Partners you’ll finally get the maximum return on your IT investment.

With VoIP, you attain mobility, flexibility, and easier means of collaboration, with innovative features designed to make your work easier while greatly reducing the cost of operating. Plus, features are easily scalable to meet your unique needs.

So, what makes VoIP business phones so much more progressive than your average phone system? Easy. You start saving money while you business benefits from rich, innovative features designed to help your business thrive. They include:

  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting and forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • Video conferencing
  • Voicemail to email capabilities
  • Unified voice and fax messaging
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Access to your telephone network regardless of location

Get your business the best odds for success with cost-effective IT consulting and services from Tier One Technology Partners, including VoIP business phones.

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