Tier One Technology Partners provides your organization with IT strategy and effective IT service solutions to keep you one step ahead.

In addition to FINANCE and PEOPLETECHNOLOGY is one of the 
three most critical operational areas to the health of your organization. How healthy is your IT area? Are you keeping pace or just barely hanging in? As part of your team, Tier One becomes the total solution provider for all of your information technology needs.

For example, we assist clients like you with:

  • Improved Business Processes: Tier One IT consultants can help you with product selection and implementation including servers, networks, and software
  • Obtaining Peace of Mind: Our extensive business continuity and disaster recovery solutions allow you to enjoy the best in data protection and operational efficiency
  • Enhanced Productivity: Tier One offers telecommunication solutions such as VOIP and video conferencing to enhance your internal and customer communication experiences
  • The “Oh No!!” Moments: On‐site or remote service support to take care of those unforeseen technology issues that affect your business

Tier One is committed to providing our services in a responsive, dynamic manner with a focus on saving you time and money.

To learn more about our comprehensive services, we invite you to visit www.tieroneit.com or contact our office at 443.589.1150. We are dedicated to being a great IT partner, enabling you to get back to your business.


David Shaffer, President